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I received an letter from this company called Nationwide Debt Reduction Services, and after looking online I can't find the difference between them and another company called Nationwide Debt Direct. I think I've gotten both letters from both companies.

It says I'm elligble for a class action law suit and could recieve money and savings from a settlement. Has anyone else receieved these calls and letters? I'm getting about 4 or 5 calls a day from them now. The say they can settle my accounts with Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Discover, Capital One and many others, but I don't owe any of these people.

I only owe to my credit union and my balances are small. Everything I find online about debt settlment is negative and says to stay away from those companies because they are all scams... is this another scheme that is too good to be true?

Please do your own research so we can find out the truth about this company. I see they do have an A rating with they BBB but that other company Nationwide Debt Direct has an D rating.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nationwide Debt Reduction Services Credit Repair.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Preferred solution: Contact a private firm to find out more information about these practices.

I liked: Person on the phone was patient.

I didn't like: Telling me to stop paying my creditors, This program would temporarily hurt my credit, Credit union would close my accounts, Credit union would take the money straight from my account, Open a new bank account in a third party to pull my money.

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I’m here for the Anon drama! XD


Thanks for sharing a informative post. It is really helpful to me. The content in this blog have shared is really wonderful.If you are in the UK and are struggling with debts, you can overcome them safely by availing suitable debt reduction services, & live a debt-free life.


I HAVE BEEN SCAMMED!!!! They have taken $ 442.07 out of my checking account for FOUR MONTHS!!!

I am just finding out that this god dam outfit is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I do NOT know what to do.

to Linda Burrow #1697496

What happened?


I believe it is a scam. Got a letter demanding payment of $500+ a month for nonexistent credit card debt.


I got the same letter and was wondering if it was legal or not. Only I had 10 days to response.

How can I determine if this company is legal or not? Thank you.

to Ronda Palmer #1563006

If you need help with debt I would suggest calling yourself don't listen to people who barely can read and tell you about there opinion on what they believe it to be.

to Anonymous #1701017

Hey, Anonymous...that's funny that you call out "people who barely can read". You can barely write!

This is the correct spelling and grammar: If you need help with debt, I would suggest calling them, yourself. Don't listen to people who can barely read, and tell you their opinion based on what they believe it to be (I assume you mean what we believe this company to be...a scam).

If you, Anonymous, are defending this company because you work for them, then your terrible spelling and grammar give me one more clue that this company is a scam. Thank you for the heads up!


I did get the same letter. Upon research it looks like it's just debt counseling service company trying to pose as a legal firm representing a class action suit against credit card companies.

I find it very deceptive. Their whole business model is pretty much a rip-off because anything they do for you you can do yourself.


I, too, received a confusing letter from Nationwide. She almost had me hooked, until she said there was a small fee, mixed in with the $ I'd have to pay to them for 36 months.

And... close my accounts? If I want my accounts closed (I don't) I'll do it myself. Half way through her spiel, I told her I'd have to think about it, and I'd remember what she said because I record all these calls (I don't).

She didn't let the door hit her *** as she said okay, I'll wait to hear from you, click.

It just smelled bad. The letter began with a "settlement amount", very, very misleading.Stay away!!


We did a Google search of the phone number on the mailer we received, and one result was the Progressive Conservative PAC. I’m not sure of the connection.

When we searched both Nationwide Debt Reduction Services LLC and Progressive Conservative PAC, nothing came up, even though they share telephone numbers. I suspect SPECTRE or THRUSH.


The letter you received is typical from NDRS. They are meant to intimidate and scare people into calling them.

When they call in, they are placed in front of high pressure unethical, salespeople that will do anything to close a deal. This "deal" will ruin your good credit.

to Roger #1563000

You got fired from there and now you're slandering them wow now that's typical!!


Nationwide Debt Reduction Services is a SCAM! Speaking from experience, they use high pressure sales tactics to RUIN your GOOD CREDIT. Their CEO, Peter Jacoves, drives a new Bentley Coupe to work to show off his "wealth" he made off of good, unsuspecting victims.

to Roger #1562998

Roger didn't you work there and got fired?

to Anonymous #1597428

Peter, is that you?

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